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Hi from a newbie

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Hello, I am a newbie. I am excited playing Ragnarok again.

G lE lL O

G lE lL O


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Good Day My Fellow Ragnarokers....


Just testing my new forum account and just wanting to greet this community...


I've been playing Ragnarok since 2005, But I'm just new in this server and this boards...


Just start playing last week and find the community very kind and generous, that's the reason why I decided to continue playing this server...


I love the balance of the in game setup by the GM's for EXP and Item drops...


And the number of players online is just enough for the economy...


Unlike in the Official PRO that was recently launched it was very crowded, that is why the server always bug down and the logging is very frequent...


Hope that i can have lots on online friends here and i'm very hopeful also to see my old ragnarok friends from other servers here...


ROK ON!!! \m/.....   PEACE!!! \\//....





PRO (Philippine Ragnarok Online) [2005~2007]:

- Lydia Server: [Guild: Glitches of War, Quanti Minores, & Ronin]

1. D3@D-3Y3 (Int-Type Full Stripper / SG Plagiarism) Stalker/99/70

2. 'D3@D_3Y3' (EDP-Critical Emp Breaker) Assasin Cross/99/70

3. Supersayan_D3@D-3Y3 (DD-Ice Pick Emp Breaker) Assasin Cross/99/70

4. D3@D_3Y3 (Agi-Type MVP Boss Hunter) Hunter/99/50

5. 'D3@D-3Y3' (Rank No.1 Taekwon) Taekwon Kid/99/50

6. "D3@D_3Y3" (Agi-Type Desperado) Gunzlinger/99/70

- Sakray Server: [Guild: Untouchables & Arm N Loaded (ANL)]

1. Ronin (Nimpou Magic Int-Dex Type ) Ninja/99/70

2. Ron!n (Rank No.1 Taekwon) Taekwon Kid/99/50


Dark-RO-Force (Dark Ragnarok Online Force - Star Wars Theme) [2007]:

- DarkROForce Server: [Guild: Glitches of War]

1. Master Jedi Angelo (Max-Aspeed PK/status/coma Type) Jedi Master/255/100

2. Darth Angelo (Max-Aspeed PK/status/coma Type) Sith Lord/255/100


aeRO (Artificial Entertainment Ragnarok Onnline) [2008~2010]:

- Turbo Server: [Guild: Glitches of War (GOW Elite)]

1. IH IE IL IL (PK-status-Coma Type / SL & AB Magic Killer) Star Gladiator/999/80

2. IH IE IL IL (Moon/Sun/Star Specialty, Agit Castle Leaper & 1sec. Dual Emp Breaker) Star Gladiator/999/80

3. IH IE IL IL (SG Linker, Agit Castle Leaper & 3sec. Dual Emp Breaker) Soul Linker/999/80

4. IH IE IL IL (Ranked No.1 Taekwon) Taekwon Kid/999/50

5. IH IE IL IL (Assasin Ring Holder / PK-Ice-stun-EDP Critical-Coma Type) Assasin Cross/999/80

6. IH IE IL IL (Blacksmith Gold Ring Holder & Zeny Billioner) White Smith/999/80

- Mayaan Server: [Guild: Glitches of War (GOW)]

1. GELO III (PK-status-Coma Type / SL & AB Magic Killer) Star Gladiator/255/80

2. GELO III (Moon/Sun/Star Specialty, Agit Castle Leaper & 10sec. Blind-Critical Emp Breaker) Star Gladiator/255/80

3. GELO III (Ranked No.1 Taekwon) Taekwon Kid/255/50

- Classic Server: [Guild: Glitcher of War (GOW)]

1. Angel-Zero (Top No.2 Agi-Critical Emp Breaker)  Assasin/99/50

2. Angel-Zero (Int-Dex DS Type / Stripper) Rogue/99/50


iRO (International Ragnarok Online) [2012~2013]:

- Valkyrie Server: [Guild: Katipuneros & RP Team]

1. Juan Luna (PK Str-Vit Type / Bowling Bash) Lord Knight/99/70

2. John Luna (DD-Ice Pick Emp Breaker) Assasin Cross/99/70


pRO Official (Philippine Ragnarok Online Official) [2017]:

- Thor Server: [Guild: N/A ]

1. GIELO WIICK (Assasin On-progress)


PlayRO.ph (Play Ragnarok Online Philippines) [2017]:

- Valkyrie Server: [Guild: N/A]

1. G IE IL O (Star Gladiator On-progress)

2. G IE IL O (Taekwon Kid On-progress)

3. G IE IL O (Ninja On-progess)

4. G IE IL O (Gunzlinger On-progress)

5. GIEILO (Assasin Cross On-progress)






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